Research projects

The operations at the Polin Institute are primarily quality-driven and always externally evaluated. There are currently three time-limited research projects operating at the Polin Institute. All three projects have been evaluated by the Academy of Finland’s international social and cultural science panel and have received top marks in the evaluations. Of these projects, Professor Lindfelt’s project also belongs to one of those which have been granted funding from the Academy of Finland, while the other two projects have been able to launch with the intent of reaching the status of the Academy of Finland projects.

Ledare Antti Laato

  • Boundaries of Jewish Identities in Contemporary Finland Read more →

Leader Ruth Illman

  • Changing Spaces: Ritual Buildings, Sacred Objects and Human Sensemaking.

Leader Kim Groop

Previous research projects

  • Universalism and Particularism in Abraham’s Family Narrative of Genesis and Its Reception in Jewish and Christian Writings. Read more →

Leader Antti Laato

  • Behind the Scenes – An Interdisciplinary Study of Convictions, Resistance and Hesitancy in a Contemporary Battle for Health” som ingår i helhetsprojektet “VaccAtt” (Research project in vaccine attitudes). Read more →

Leader Mikael Lindfelt