Behind the Scenes – An Interdisciplinary Study of Convictions, Resistance and Hesitancy in a Contemporary Battle for Health som ingår i helhetsprojektet “VaccAtt” (Research project in vaccine attitudes).

VaccAtt is an interdisciplinary research project about achieving greater insight into different understandings of health, in which the particular aim is to investigate opinions about vaccines and immunization practices and to explore the relationship between different attitudes and how they are related to people’s beliefs, convictions, and values. The starting point is that by focusing on values ​​and questions that create a sense of meaning in people’s lives, we can better understand the intellectual and moral convictions that occur in this specific context. We will particularly from a theological, ethical, legal, gender- and psychological perspective, study issues which relates to claims of knowledge and truth, trust, self-determination and parental responsibility, power and identity construction.

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Mikael Lindfeldt is a professor in Systematic theology at Åbo Akademi University and project manager.

Carolin Ahlvik-Harju is a postdoctoral researcher in Theological ethics with philosophy of religion at Åbo Akademi University and she works within the project with issues regarding understandings of health, motherhood (parenthood), identity construction and power in a gender- and ethical perspective.

Laura Brännkärr-Väänänen is a Ph.D. student in Systematic theology at Åbo Akademi University and works within the project with issues regarding knowledge, truth and prerogative of interpretation.

Bengt Kristensson Uggla is Amos Anderson professor in Philosophy, Culture and Management, Åbo Akademi University. Adjunct Professor in World Views and Ideologies.

Pamela Slotte is a senior researcher within the project working with issues regarding informed consent, autonomy, freedom of religion and conscience, trust and authority from an ethical and legal perspective.